International Business Network, LLC. (IBNETLLC)

International Business Network, LLC. (IBNETLLC)


Lead Generation ChatBot Pilot Program – Initial Setup and Test


Chatbot robot - IBNETLLC
Participants in this Lead Generation ChatBot Pilot Program will be provided additional support (Level II) after the conclusion of this program without an additional fee. Also, the initial fee, subscription and support prices after this program will be significantly higher.

Chatbot robot - IBNETLLC


Program: October 2023 – Submit contact form for participant interest

Welcome to our Lead Generation ChatBot Pilot Program!

A Lead Generation ChatBot is an conversational automation product that assists with scaling up a business and is on-call 24/7/365.

In essence, ChatBots can serve as the gatekeeper that can perform specific tasks performed by a Virtual Assistant.

Lead Generation ChatBots can ask questions, get answers, then steer the visitor to the next step in the workflow process of client acquisition. It can save many human-labor hours from these time-consuming and repetitive tasks. The questions are straight and to the point and are approved by the business’ team members before implementation. Visitors can almost believe that they are communicating with a human! Sounds good? What can you accomplish with all of the free time you will start accumulating? 🙂

Participants in this Lead Generation ChatBot Pilot Program will become testers of this product, yet tailored to their own business for more efficient interaction during the lead-generation process. Participants will also be provided additional support (Level II) after the conclusion of this program, without an additional fee in addition to a lower subscription fee.  The standard pricing plans e.g., subscription and support after this program concludes will, of course, be higher.

Lead Generation ChatBots are designed to assist businesses in their scale up while simultaneously freeing up time.

The 24/7/365 automation can help weed out the lurkers from tire kickers from the more serious potential customers in a conversational manner.

Lead Generation ChatBots can be adapted to nearly all industries. Even in real estate, they can pre-evaluate either property buyers or sellers saving many hours overall for the agent and staff! It can almost function as a pre-qualification virtual assistant!

So, now is the time to get started!

NOTE: A ManyChat Pro ( account for Facebook Messenger will be required. You will be notified via our communications as to when this plan needs to be activated.


Pilot Program is used in the process of bringing on new products and services. This particular program entails product setup, customization, documentation development, testing, defining support services, pricing plans, etc. The duration of the program is dependent upon the data collected which will determine when the product will become what we consider as Tier 1. The reason for this being a pilot program is due to the level of complexity on the backend that our company is taking on to make it as simple for companies to scale their business as seamlessly as possible.