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Scale Up Your Business & Free Up Time!

Is your business recession-proof? Are you ready to scale up your business or create one?

Supply chains are getting disrupted. Industries are beginning to react. Labor forces are starting to shrink. Food shortages are growing. Brownouts are on the horizon. Airlines are canceling flights significantly without prior notice leaving passengers in a lurch.

Is it time for you to scale up your business, regroup and find a way to free up time to interact with friends and family?

DID YOU KNOW that daily administrative task automation, workflow automation, process automation, systems automation, and marketing automation will free up time, reduce costs, increase revenue, thereby making your business run smoother and can substantially increase profitability?

You can be home for dinner and ENJOY weekends and holidays!

Do you know HOW (utilizing your website)?

If you don’t have a business, do you think that you should create one as your backup plan? Have an idea and you just needed to learn how to structure ‘my idea’ and then implement it?

Welcome to Digital Transformation!

Scale Up & Free Up Time – Hire a Lead Generation ChatBot Today!

Revisit Business Model

Take a fresh look at your business model and infrastructure from an outside-looking-in perspective.

Learn About Alternative Solutions

Brainstorm to uncover more efficient and cost-effective ways to profit and free up time.

Monetize Business Model

Explore additional ways to monetize your business in a more automated way.

Scale Up Your Business

With a revised blueprint defined, discover how to multiply its growth on earth &/or in the Metaverse.

FAQ – Scale Up Your Business

What does scale up mean in business?

Scaling up a business means taking it up to the next level. What does that mean? It depends on the business as no two businesses are alike. Each business owner defines what that next level looks like. At that moment in time, their definition of business scaling could be increasing their business revenue to a defined dollar amount or a percentage increase over a previous time period, etc. Another business owner may define the scaling up of their business as adding a new product(s) to their current offering, while another may define scaling as moving into a new vertical or expanding their national business into an international business. What does ‘scaling up’ mean to your business?

How do you scale up a small business?

Prior to even remotely considering scaling up your business, regardless of how minuscule, your business infrastructure MUST be positioned to be scaled. Proper systems and processes including Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) should be well documented and working as expected in the current phase of your business.

When should you scale up a business?

Once your systems and processes are running as expected with satisfactory efficiency and effectiveness, then defining the appropriate areas to scale first to achieve the desired overall result needs to be defined. It is not necessarily advisable to scale multiple areas simultaneously as certain interactions between processes can create unexpected, negative unintended results. In essence, everything cannot be scaled simultaneously. Proper prioritization is a must. There are other considerations, as well.

How to scale up your business with limited resources?

Look at the details of your overall plan for scaling your business. To achieve their objective(s), prioritize the order in which items must be done. Analyze what resources are needed then compare it to what you have at your disposal. If you do not have the necessary resources to fund it e.g. outsource, see what you can achieve in-house; or work with the vendor on creating a palatable plan; consider creative ways to finance that phase; think-outside-of-the-box to add a new revenue stream or cut costs elsewhere; consider bringing on an investor but be prepared for what they may want in return and what you are willing to accept; discuss you plan with a neutral party for a fresh look at your plan to see if a new perspective can be forged; make necessary changes to generate more revenue nationally and delay becoming an international business; etc.

NOTE: This is a ‘LIVE’ demo site for the Zoomtorial platform’s Q&A sessions.

Q: How would you like to engineer or re-engineer your business infrastructure into a Virtual Corporate Skyscraper that incorporates automation and monetization that can scale up your revenue?

Return to this page and read on to see if you already have business model, infrastructure and/or website questions you’d like answers to.

Watch this video to see the construction of a corporate skyscraper in the physical world.

Next, revisit your website, business model and infrastructure. Visualize your website designed as a monetized Virtual Corporate Skyscraper, that can become significantly more lucrative ($) than a traditional corporate skyscraper and free up time for other things.

Which elements are already in place? Which areas need to be revamped?

About Us

We help entrepreneurs create more free time in their day

Most entrepreneurs and other business executives work so much that, in essence, they engineer themselves out of their family’s lives and social life. Oftentimes, it is attributed to the business model and infrastructure of their business.

With a few tweaks or maybe even an overhaul coupled with lead generation strategies and techniques, more free time and revenue begins to surface.

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to your success with all of our resources

Life is about balance. Yet, what too many entrepreneurs, employers, and employees find themselves doing is working so much that the outside of work time continually gets reduced. Sometimes the results are less than optimal.

At IBNETLLC, we assist you in finding ways to free up time from your work life to move it over to your family or social life, while you simultaneously scale up your business.

Our Services: “Zoomtorial” – Your Q&A Scale Up Platform

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Introductions and objectives

Web Development Q&A

Q&A for Web development including Email structure setup, web hosting etc.

Business Model & Infrastructure Q&A

Business model and infrastructure Q&A and brainstorming (with LIVE website visit)

Business Discussion

Business brainstorming including Q&A and marketing (without LIVE website visit)

Startup Consultation

Business newbies business model & infrastructure, general business Q&A and brainstorming

Domain Name Overview Opinion

Looking for a 2nd opinion for your domain names?


• Sales Automation
• Marketing Automation
• Process Automation
• Systems Automation
• Workflow Automation
• Daily Task Automation
• Ad Retargeting
• Financial
• Entrepreneurs & Employees
are home for dinner, weekends, and holidays!

To Boost Revenue, “Work Smarter, Not Harder”:

• Learn How the Internet/Web is MORE POWERFUL, EFFICIENT, & EASIER TO LEARN than you think! • IT RUNS 24/7! • Use it as your STAFF!

Who can benefit? Which industries?

• Real Estate
• The Trades (incl. electricians, plumbers, HV/AC, mechanics, hair stylists)
• Manufacturing
• Nonprofits
• Financial
• Health Care (incl. home care)
• Lawn Care

• Office Workers
• Security
• Military (active & veterans)
• Law Enforcement
• Affiliate marketing
• Network Marketing
• etc.

Ask Us“: Example Startup and Scale Up Questions

• How do I choose a business name and a company website domain name? Which decision comes first? Should the domain name be a generic or a brandable name? Should I consider a free domain name provider or pay regular price?

• How do I find collaborators in my locale who could send me business soon?

• Can I make my services acceptable to the health insurance industry? If so, how to develop that business model e.g., what would be my niche to stand out amongst the existing crowd? What would be my next steps?

• Which companies have the best managed WordPress hosting that can support you as you scale up your business? Should you consider cloud management?

• How can I improve my website to attract higher quality, real targeted website traffic of potential clients?

• What customer incentive program can I provide that is low cost and has a reasonably high rate of return?

• How should I answer this, if asked, “how would you expand your brand?” What should my product expansion strategy be? How to choose? In which order do I add products and/or services that makes the most sense and does not cause me to experience ‘office burnout’ in the future?

• How do I create a business operating budget that includes future projections?

• How can I utilize cold Email marketing to pull people into brick-n-mortar business and expand globally? (online)?

Do you have a question?

• How can I make my website attract high quality traffic 24/7, whereby it becomes attractive to advertising sponsors?

• What processes and systems, including sales automation, should I implement first?

• Which plugins should I install minimum for my WordPress site? Are there WordPress management plugins for the trades industries? If so, how do I find them if they are not listed in the WordPress plugins directory?

• Should I use autoresponders? If so, for what situation?

• What should I know about SEO and competitor keyword analysis at a minimum, before paying someone? • I want to add more custom high-quality graphics. Where can I find them at a relatively low price?

• I want to add [this] feature to my website. How?

• How can I monetize my website even further? How can I utilize the Metaverse for business purposes and monetize it?

• How can I better leverage my teams online to grow my business faster?

• What is sales funnel optimization?

• I want to learn how to update my website instead of asking someone to do it for me each time that I have a new idea. Where do I begin?

• I would like to learn more about web hosting and becoming a webmaster or hiring a webmaster. What are the pros and cons of using e.g., a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Amazon Web Services (AWS) account versus a traditional self-hosted account?

• How to make your own video from slides? How to make a slideshow from photos?

• What is redirect marketing? How does it get more traffic to my website?

• How do I choose a niche and develop a business model that can stand out amongst the existing crowd? How do I best describe it for investors using words, graphics, demos, etc.? I want my business plan to standout beyond what investors are probably used to seeing so I can be a part of the top 500 startups.

• Specifically, which 21st Century business concepts, strategies and features should I add to make my business plan more attractive to investors? They will likely be impressed if I can show how to implement task automation using task automation tools that lower my daily operating costs and increases profits and their ROI.

• What team do I need to assemble to grow my business faster? Should I show it as an organizational chart? Who should be employees and who should be independent contractors? How to decide which is best and when? What budget should I create to pay them?

• I want to add flowcharts to my plan to provide investors with confidence that I understand entrepreneurship in my chosen industry. Which flowcharts should I include? How detailed should they be?

• I’m looking for web developer tools to learn web development. If it takes too long to build my website, what should I know before I outsource web development services? Should I learn SEO or outsource SEO services?

Can we help you find something?

• Which business infrastructure should I use? If WordPress, should I use a hosted or a self-hosted WordPress site?

• What is digital transformation? How can digital transformation accelerate the growth of my business?

• When should I consider an automated email marketing campaign?

• For my marketing plan, what types of incentives can I provide as lead magnets that are low cost and have a potentially high rate of return?

• In my marketing plan, how should I expand my products and services over time? How to choose? In which order should I add them, and which timeline makes the most sense and does not cause me to burnout in the future?

• Which details should I provide regarding my future website that would attract more quality targeted traffic of potential customers?

• In my business plan for investors, what should I know about Web development at a minimum, to better define my business model and infrastructure especially how it integrates with the physical world to lower costs and increase efficiency?

• I want to add custom high-quality graphics to my business plan. What should those graphics be? In which sections of my plan should they be? Where can I get them at a relatively low price or how can I create them myself, possibly for free?

• How can I use cold marketing to find potential investors? Should I use cold marketing? What are my other choices?

• What is smart contract AI? What is NFT swap?

…and so on…

Are You Ready To Scale Up Your Business & Free Up Time?